4 Popular Petite Cat Breeds You Can Explore Before Adopting



Sometimes a cat’s size can be due to its gene inheritance, a struggle to survive as the smallest of kittens, a sign of sickness it might have fought through, or it could be thin, particularly at the back end. Suppose your cat has always been like this; then all you have to do is embrace and love it for what it is.

Some people look for cats that remain small even into adulthood. If you want to add a feline fur baby to your family and prefer one that is petite, you can quickly search for popular petite cat breeds online. Note that these aren’t teacup, miniature, or dwarf cats; they are just typically smaller than other cats.

Regardless of the size, every cat must be provided with basic life needs and medical assistance during sickness. Consider buying the best pet insurance so your tiny furball’s health is comprehensively covered and you don’t have to take on undue financial stress during distressing health scenarios.

The pet insurance cost can be much lower than the hefty vet bills you may have to pay upfront during unplanned vet visits, so contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn about a few petite cat breeds that can be adopted.

Petite cat breeds

Some felines are sought after for their large size, and others for their tiny physical traits. If you are searching for a small cat, consider getting in touch with breed-specific animal rescue teams or cat shelters to adopt. The other option is to contact breeders and shop for a pet.

The below cat breeds stay petite and are considered affectionate as well.


This breed is famous for remaining tiny even after surpassing the kittenhood phase. Usually, this breed tops the list of the smallest cat breeds. A Singapura cat is lightweight and weighs between 1.5 kg to 4 kg. These fur babies are extremely cute, curious, intelligent, and social and have endearing personalities. Their appreciable qualities make them one of the top petite cat choices for prospective cat owners.

2.American Curl

We bet people can’t resist the super cute curly ears of the American Curl. Fully grown American Curl cats are still small and cute. These furballs weigh anywhere between 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg and are loyal, loving, and outgoing. They can quickly fit into the family and build sustaining bonds with the household.

3.Cornish Rex

Cats of this breed remain small and shed less than regular cats. They, too, have soft and curly fur and appear like young kittens even as adults. A Cornish Rex cat is usually playful and can weigh between 2.75 kg to 4.5 kg when fully grown. These cats look and act like kittens their entire lives, so if you want a cat with these virtues, consider buying a Cornish Rex cat.

4.Devon Rex

A Devon Rex cat weighs between 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg on average, making it an ideal option when you want to buy a small cat but don’t want to choose the miniature cat route. These adorable furballs have curly fur and generally don’t shed much. They have a friendly temperament and enjoy being around humans and other animals, making them lovely companions.

Bringing home a cute little cat is easy, but you must be prepared to take a lifetime of responsibility. Small cats are highly vulnerable to health issues, so you must consider being equipped with the best pet insurance early. Consider inquiring about the pet insurance cost across a range of providers, weighing the benefits of different policies against your budget to buy the best-fit pet plan for your furball.



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