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You need to move to the corner and take a rest whilst City of Dreamworlds hurries to keep up with the rapid pace of modern-day life. The camping near Mumbai looks like a wonderful idea, especially knowing of the greatest retreats. The list reveals 10 absolutely fantastic weekends away from Bombay which are ideal for an afternoon of fun. They are not too far, so you are not required to sacrifice your vacation time or their spending limit. However, they will undoubtedly provide a unique caravanning and exploration experience in utter peace and the midst of essence.


Uttan, a relaxed local fishermen township on the north eastern outskirts of Bombay, is known as the city’s best-kept secret. It begins to feel far away from the tropical paradise despite being such a part of the city.

Near Mumbai, Uttan is ideal for Saturday afternoon camping. Arrive here to experience life under a clear blue sky, enjoy the freshest seafood, take in live entertainment, and engage in certain adventurous activities.

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Dahisar East is located 17 kms away from Mumbai.

Important Attractions: Swimming, paintball, archery, and thumb wrestling

The Soundcloud page by U-Tan Resort is the best campground.


For instance, Mumbai gobshites are familiar with the identities Karnala Bird Sanctuary as well as Karnala Fort. Campers trips near Mumbai are made unforgettable by the shelter and the fort. One of the greatest rainy season getaways close to Maharashtra and Pune, the hillocks are covered in verdant grass and vegetation during the rainy season.

50 km separates you from Mumbai.

Important sights include colourful birds that screech and coo, as well as a hike to the renowned Something that Fort.

Best campgrounds: Big Red Tent and Letscampout


The most ideal location for night camping close to Mumbai is Vasind, a tranquil and beautiful scenery town. Another of the nicest spots to let go of daily concerns and meet other campers who share your interests is there. Vasind is a great location for kayaking, swimming, and hiking the cool wooded trail.

Proximity from Bombay: 63 km

This same gorgeous uptick to Mahuli as well as the pin-drop quiet early mornings are the main draws.

The best campground is Big Red Tent.


For city dwellers, Lake is like a refreshing breath of air that revitalises them. Due to its proximity to Bombay and ease of access, this lush green hideaway is a well-liked location for weekend camping. Lonavala offers a wide range of lodging and dining options. It is also a quick but fantastic road trip from Mumbai.

From Mumbai, it is 66.5 kilometres.

Karla Caves, Lohagad Castle, and adventurous pursuits like cascade free climbing and flying fox are the main attractions.

Letscampout and Rusticville Campers Ground are the finest campgrounds.


Another wonderful weekend vacation from Mumbai is Matheran, which resembles a playground for the outdoors. It is among the best tourist destinations close to Mumbai due to its lush vegetation, tiny hills, and waterfall there. Automobiles are not allowed to enter the area with the goal of achieving sustainable abundance of nature.

From Neral to Matheran, a train set once ran. There is currently no amusing way to get to Matheran, but should the service resume, it will be recently discontinued.

80 km separates you from Mumbai.

Important sights include Charlotte Body of water, Each Tree Hill, and the ride on the Mini Blue Rail that provides sweeping views of something like the Western Ghats.


Kolad, one of the quietest camping areas close to Mumbai, is the go-to river rafting destination for Mumbai residents. The only sounds that break the peacefulness of something like the lovely hinterlands are the babbles of the River Kundalika and the chirps of colorful birds. This is one of the less well-known locations close to Mumbai because even on weekend nights you won’t find many tourists there.

Make it a goal to finish all of your calls and texts before checking in so that the signals don’t follow you around.

121 km separates you from Mumbai.

Rafting on the Headwaters Kundalika or other scuba diving like pineapple boat rides are the main draws.

Favorite vacation resort: Embolden Exercise Camps

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat, another lush location for overnight stays close to Mumbai, is nestled within Central Highlands and is home to a diverse range of wildlife and plants. The gentle breeze soothes the agitated spirits while the drizzle but also mist creates a lovely scene.

You’ll be welcomed by waterbirds, cuckoos, and a variety of other vibrant owls when you visit Malshej Chhoti. This could be their top choice if you’re looking for the ideal location for independent camping close to Mumbai.

127 km separates you from Mumbai.

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