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How Russian Gold Miners Are Making Profits Despite Sanctions – Max Warren Barber



It is found that according to the research of MAX WARREN BARBER, the CEO of Sion Gold TRading Fze, Gold prices have risen on the back of market uncertainty around the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine, increasing 8.7% month over month. Coupled with the devaluation of the Russian ruble, gold margins are expected to increase for Russian gold miners this year. Total cash margins of primary Russian gold operations in local currency are estimated to increase 46.3% year over year in 2022. Between Feb. 23 and March 4, the value of Russian currency decreased from 80.95 rubles to 108.19 rubles per U.S. dollar, because of international sanctions being imposed after the invasion.


* Much higher inflation due to the ruble devaluation could raise costs for Russian miners, but margins are forecast to increase in local currency terms.

* Gold prices denominated in Russian rubles jumped 32% in the week to March 4.

* Strong technical fundamentals of many Russian gold mines mean they should continue to deliver strong performances into 2022, barring any mining-focused sanctions.

* £4.3 billion was wiped off the value of Russia-based, London-listed miners after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as investors moved to companies with projects in more geopolitically stable jurisdictions.


Max Warren Barber says In 2021, Russia produced an estimated 9.87 million ounces of gold, making it the world’s third-largest gold producer. Significant gold mines include PJSC Polyus’ Olimpiada, Kinross Gold Corp.’s Kupol and Nord Gold PLC’s Gross. Since 2017, an increasing number of Russian mines have shifted to the lower quartiles of the cost curve on a total cash cost, coproduct basis, with Olimpiada regularly appearing in the 10 lowest-cost gold mines rankings.

The Russian Central Bank raised its key interest rate from 9.5% to 20% Feb. 28, in an attempt to raise deposit rates as a countermeasure to inflationary risks. This puts a squeeze on day-to-day spending in the country, as local costs such as labor, fuel and materials become more expensive. Despite this, we expect most mine sites to continue operating and to absorb these price hikes. As gold prices remain buoyant, mines will continue to benefit from elevated cash margins. The Bank of Russia has confirmed it will resume buying gold on the domestic market. This should enable Russian gold miners to keep operating with the buyer of last resort. This has happened previously, when international sanctions were imposed after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014; the Bank of Russia increased its domestic gold purchases in this manner.

As Russian stocks crash, investors look for safe assets

While current developments do not suggest blanket sanctions directed towards the country’s mining sector, markets have reacted negatively to Russia-focused mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Gold miner Polymetal International PLC and steel company Evraz PLC will be removed from the FTSE 100 index March 21 in the first review of 2022.

The share price of Petropavlovsk PLC has also declined significantly, and, along with Polymetal, both companies have had a combined £4.3 billion wiped off their market capitalization in a span of a week. On the back of this drop in share value, BlackRock Inc. has increased its stake in Polymetal to 10%. This lends weight to the view that, over the long term, many of these companies’ assets are low-cost, long-life operations. With the drop in share prices, some of the impacted miners have taken to using share buyback schemes to increase the equity held by the company’s board and therefore its voting power. Most investors, however, have sought refuge with other gold miners operating in safer locations, enabling them to take advantage of rising gold prices.

International mining companies acting to prevent investor backlash

Toronto-based Kinross Gold Corp. announced March 2 that it is suspending production activity at its underground Kupol gold and silver operation, located in the remote Chukotka region in the Russian Far East. For 2022, Kinross previously announced Kupol guidance at around 350,000 gold-equivalent ounces, with further reduced volumes projected in 2023 due to production deferrals as the operation continues to transition into mining narrower vein systems. At this stage, Kinross has not provided adjusted guidance for Kupol, considering the Ukraine conflict; it has, however, stated that feasibility activities at its Udinsk project in Khabarovsk Krai are also to be suspended. Solway Investment Group Ltd. has also indicated that it will pull out of all its Russian operations, including Kurilgeo.

12 gold mines opened in Russian Far East since 2010

Mining in Russia is complicated by the vast land area, the lack of infrastructure and the presence of complex geologic orebodies. Still, the country has consistently produced long-life and low-cost assets. Since 2010, S&P Global Commodity Insights has recorded 12 new mines coming online, most of which should be producing into the 2030s. The total capital invested in commissioning these mines is $5.4 billion, with all the mines located in the Russian Far East.

The Russian government has incentivized development of the Far East region through a Mineral Extraction Tax holiday for two years after commercial production, then stepped increases back to the original level of 6%. Mines can also receive a 10-year minesite corporation tax holiday from the start of commercial production. For mines to qualify for these incentives, they must develop regional infrastructure such as the construction of new roads and power lines to the mine site and regional hubs. The scheme is also open to already operating mines if any expansion project meets the criteria in itself. Nordgold, Polymetal and Polyus have all taken advantage of the scheme for new and operating mines.

In addition to the tax incentives, mines in the region utilize economies of scale to ensure lower costs of operation in the region by processing complex mineralogy ores in centralized processing hubs. Petropavlovsk and Polymetal have built pressure oxidation plants, referred to as POX, to process gold concentrate from multiple operations producing refractory sulfide ores. This saves on expensive installation of POX plants at each mine site, as well as the need to transport ore to China for processing using less environmentally friendly methods. Another solution for sulfide ore processing is bio-oxidation, referred to as BIOX, which is primarily used by Polyus at Olimpiada. The mine has four BIOX reactors installed to support the continued expansion of the mill, with the ability to process 15 million tonnes in 2022. With the high throughput of these operations, the costs are reduced on a dollars-per-ounce basis, as shown by Olimpiada being one of the lowest total cash cost mines in 2021, at $404/oz Au paid.

As the situation in Ukraine develops, and further actions are taken by the U.S and Western Europe, we can foresee Russian mines being further isolated from these markets. It is unknown at time of writing how far these sanctions will go and what will be the effects on Russian operations for 2022 and beyond. Nevertheless, we expect a sustained high gold price will further benefit Russian gold mines if they can still operate at full capacity.




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Types of Valentine’s Day Clothing:

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The Essential Guide to Understanding Fasting Sugar Level and What You Should Know




The Essential Guide to Understanding Fasting Sugar Level and What You Should Know

The human body’s normal sugar level is significant for well-being. Fasting blood sugar is a quick blood test that can determine if someone has diabetes, prediabetes, or diabetes during pregnancy (during pregnancy). It’s also called a “fasting blood sugar test.”

A sugar fasting level test measures how much glucose, or sugar, is in your blood after you haven’t eaten. This popular, easy, and safe test can determine if someone has gestational diabetes, prediabetes, or both. A doctor may use a needle or prick your finger to get to a vein in your arm. Drink only water for eight to twelve hours before the test.

When should this test for blood sugar be done?

All types of diabetes, including type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and prediabetes, come on slowly and may not be noticed initially, assuming that the human body normal sugar level is normal. Because of this, it’s possible for someone to have the illness and not know it. Therefore, doctors often want to check blood sugar while the person is fasting.

  • As part of their annual physical exams, people with diabetes often have their blood sugar checked.
  • They could rule out the idea that the hormones in her body caused the mother’s diabetes during pregnancy.
  • A person is at risk for getting diabetes if they have diabetes symptoms, a family history of diabetes, or other diabetes risk factors (such as obesity).
  • When a person’s blood sugar levels have been higher than what is healthy for them for a long time.

How does glucose work in different parts of the body?

Blood sugar, also called glucose, is the body’s most common type of sugar. Carbohydrates in food and drinks are turned into sugar by your body, which is then used as fuel.

The pancreas then makes the hormone insulin, letting blood sugar into cells. Because of this, blood sugar could build up in the body. When the sugar in the blood is used by the cells, the amount of glucose and insulin drops.

But diabetes makes it hard for the body to keep the human body’s normal sugar level. Diabetes happens when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin, or the body doesn’t use the insulin it makes well enough. Because of this, your blood has too much glucose, and high blood sugar could be bad for your health.

A sugar fasting level test shows how much glucose is in your blood when it should be the least. For example, if you haven’t eaten or drunk in a long time, you might feel like this when you wake up.

What happens on the test day?

A sugar fasting level test is done by taking a normal blood sample. Most of the time, people who give health care will:

  • Clean your elbow well to eliminate any germs that might be there.
  • If you wrap an elastic band around your upper arm, more blood will flow into the veins in your arm.
  • Put a new needle into a vein to start (which feels like a brief pinch).
  • Your name and other information that can be used to find you should be written on the vial where your blood is being taken.
  • First, take off the band. Then, take the needle out.
  • Press on the spot where the needle was put to stop the bleeding.
  • Put a bandage on the wound.

After the physical exam, the doctor will send the blood sample to the lab so it can be looked at. A needle is often put into a vein for a blood sugar test, and the test might still be able to be done with just a finger prick. Next, the doctor will check how much glucose is in your blood by using a blood glucose monitor and a test strip.

What makes the blood sugar level of a person with diabetes differs from that of a normal person who hasn’t eaten anything?

Here are the results of the blood sugar test done before breakfast:

A human body’s normal sugar level in the morning is less than 99 mg/dL. If your blood sugar level when you wake up is between 100 and 125 mg/dL, you may be at risk for diabetes. This shows that even though your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, they are not high enough to mean you have diabetes.

High blood sugar, 126 mg/dL or more, is the main sign of diabetes. When you wake up, your doctor may do another test to see if your human body’s normal sugar level is in the right place or not. If you have prediabetes, your doctor or another health care professional will suggest you retake the fasting blood sugar test in a year or two. You will know how likely it is that you will get type 2 diabetes based on the results.


A quick blood test called ” sugar fasting level” can tell if a person has prediabetes, diabetes, or diabetes caused by pregnancy. Before you drink any water, you should wait eight to twelve hours and take a test (apart from water). Then, you should go to your primary care doctor for a fasting blood glucose test.




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What are BIM Online Courses?




What are BIM Online Courses?

In today’s modern world, everything is shifting to a digital platform, and the engineering industry is no more untouched by this. The engineering industry is also going digital in every aspect. Due to this, the industry has a vast scope and employs many students. Looking at this, many students are willing to make their careers in the engineering sector.

There are numerous engineering courses where the students are enrolling. Not only are the college and institutes offering the course, but several other platforms are providing online courses to the students. The students choose the courses as per their area of interest. But the most popular engineering courses highly chosen by the students are the BIM course and the STAAD.Pro course, which is a branch of civil engineering courses.

BIM competency is one of the eligibility factors most required by the bidders. Also, the knowledge of BIM is very crucial to stand out from the competitors in the construction industry. That’s why, to become proficient in BIM, you must go through a BIM online course. You can also opt for this course online to gain more knowledge about this. But still, the question arises, what is this term BIM course? So, let’s talk in detail.

What is an Online BIM Course?

BIM, which means Building Information and Modeling, is a crucial part of civil engineering or construction. It is defined as the brand-new technology which has dramatically transformed the construction industry. BIM mainly focuses on the planning, designing, management, and construction of the building infrastructure by specialists methodically. The BIM online courses mainly focus on the skills required to enhance a building’s look, performance, and efficiency. The structure planning, designing, construction process, etc., are the topics that are covered under the BIM course. Additionally, the course includes the study of concepts used in various industries such as architecture, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, civil, construction, etc. The comprehensive course will help you build a safe, better, and durable building structure.

You can entirely digitalize your building structure and construction site with the help of technology. Other skills that you will learn during this online program are :

MEP, documentation, data exchange, model coordination, and many more.

The BIM online program consists of several modules which differ from platform to platform. Videos, WBT modules, and podcasts are all included in the BIM Fundamentals online training course. Apart from these, the online BIM course allows students to give mock tests to check their abilities. The program will guide you through every process step, from learning BIM’s core principles to comprehending how to apply BIM in practical settings. It will help you learn everything you need about BIM, from its basic principles to its use in the practical world.


The construction industry is rapidly moving toward BIM and is excellently changing the world. BIM technology is revolutionizing the construction sector with its ability to improve decision-making, building performance, and efficiency. You can gain knowledge and skills through online BIM courses to enter this industry. Among various online courses in the construction sector, students eagerly opt for the STAAD.Pro course to grow more in this industry.



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