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Carrom Pool: Disc Game is a sports activities game advanced through one of these Apk mods. BlueStacks app participant is the best platform to play this Android Game on your PC or Mac for an immersive Android experience. Download Carrom Pool: Disc Game on PC with BlueStacks.

Similar to the timeless game of pool, Carrom Pool examines your potential to vicinity identically colored tiles in every of the board’s holes. The sport is won by way of the player who can get rid of all in their tiles first. Carrom Pool’s gameplay in all fairness sincere, that’s one of the reasons it’s so addictive.

The handiest issue you need to be worried about is whether your tiles are black or white. Your next project is to hit them with a view to the vicinity of each one in every one of them on the right hollow. On the top of the screen, without delay beneath your picture, you may continually see your rating.

The fact that you have to faucet on the throw tile so that you can discover it makes the controls pretty person-pleasant. Then, tracing the trajectory along with your finger, release it each time you want to release the tile.

The winner is the player who removes all of their tiles first. Also to be cited is the opportunity of prevailing every coin in a spherical.

Hey! Today where I’m going to reveal a sport this is genuinely this kind of fantastic sport within the world in the main it used to play in India and Indonesia, and extra than enough for a rank within the international that’s why the carrom pool mod APK is going to intro and hit it easy methods.

Not the most effective Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android however all the Miniclip games are very famous internationally.

Mostly the pinnacle popular video games are played through Miniclip advocated to us from that platform toward our interest.

Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android

Here I would like to inform you and also permit you to that why I interested to explaining on carrom pool mod APK. Even I am not getting lots specific in the game.

If you really need to hack the carrom pool game and disc pool carrom each is presenting you with one Android utility that you may download from this post one of these.

Either the game is honestly such entertainment or a variety of cash that you could unlimited hacked.

Carrom Pool Mod APK, an Indian version of pool or billiards, became once played by the Indian Maharajas. In it, you ought to use the striker to pocket the coins. So can you play just like the Maharajas? Can you beat your opponent and bag the queen?

Play and win coins. Play Carrom Pool Mod APK in freestyle mode and pot both the black or white coins, each coin will provide you points, and the one with the maximum factors wins. The boundaries of the sport are all wrong.

It is inaccurate for gamers to hit their coins which might be behind the traces however these policies allow it…especially no mission in any respect one of these.

Coins that are in OUR borderlines or on the arrow lines are supposedly NOT ALLOWED but here they do. Overall too many errors that were by no means set make the games much less amusing & hard.

You must be managed and manage with the aid of yourself every and everything because of the hacking machine whilst the hacking starts you have to be careful all through the machine’s working.

Not the handiest Carrom Pool Mod APK recreation will have been going for walks on your cellphone however the disc pool carrom mod app will have been too due to one-0.33 part of the sport.


  • It is a very fantastic sport.
  • The recreation is in reality excellent and amusing to play…
  • I find it irresistible to this point.
  • However, there’s a trojan horse I simply encountered.
  • I had one coin left and the computer had 3 coins left to pocket…
  • It becomes the laptop’s flip.
  • It pocketed two cash concurrently, then it stopped.
  • It neither fires the striker nor passes the flip.
  • The game simply iced over.
  • Had to restart the sport.
  • Lost my coins.
  • Game length decreased by 60%
  • Introduced new custom Carrom Boards, Theme & the Stickers
  • Game Play Improved
  • Improved Graphics
  • Minor Bug Fixed.
  • Really the game is superb…
  • It jogs my memory of my beyond formative years days…
  • There is so much fun to play it…
  • It turns into an infant even as gambling it.
  • But now I play the sport very professionally
  • Thank you for the game.

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