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Inside the Numbers: NBA Salary Cap for 2022–2023



NBA salary cap

The NBA’s salary limits, the luxury tax threshold, and a limit on the hard cap announce for the coming season. Let’s get into the specifics.

Three things are likely to be true: (1) NBA is a league that is salary-capped, (2) the 2021-22 cap is $112.4 million, and (3) the champion Golden State Warriors paid their active players $175,1923,325 in pay.

It’s the same with the dazzlingly beautiful beast called the NBA collective bargaining agreement, a document that frequently appears as if it has more exceptions than regulations. From salary ceilings to salary floors and the soft cap to the hard cap from tax aprons that are luxurious to luxurious tax chef’s hats I’ve made this one up however you could create it, Adam Silver — there’s a lot you need to understand. We just got the most recent figures for 2022-23.

let Boardroom assist you with the specifics. Welcome to NBA salary cap 2022-23.

2022-23 NBA Salary Cap Details

How much is the NBA salary cap for 2022-23?

The league has put the cap on salary at $123,655,000. It’s a “soft cap,” which means that teams can spend more than it, based on specific exceptions in the CBA and the most well-known of which is the mid-level exception (MLE). Compared to the previous season’s total of $112,400,000, this is an increase of less than 10 percent.

Which is the middle-level exception and what amount does it make an athlete?

MLE is a way for teams to increase their salary. MLE lets teams exceed the cap on salary to hire free agents. There are three types of MLE that have three distinct salary amounts: The tax-payer mid-level exemption for teams under the luxury tax threshold ($10.49 million) The taxpayer mid-level exemption for teams that are above the tax threshold ($6.479 million) The room exception for teams who are not in the salary cap for soft teams ($5.401 million).

Are there other options to increase the salary cap in order to hire free agents, in addition to exemptions?

Every team is able to sign an unsign free agent to an agreement with a minimum amount in the event that they are granted a free roster spot, in the event that they’re not “hard-capped.” More on this below.

What’s the new NBA salary floor?

The “salary floor,” or the minimum amount for payroll expenses of a team. This requires to comply with the CBA and is fix at $111.29 million, which is 90 percent of the total cap.

For a better understanding To put things in perspective, to put things in perspective, how much do nba floor cleaners make was 58 million in 2011 and 2012. Predicting where it could be in five years is a bit scary. 

What is the amount of spending that will cause this NBA Luxury tax from 2022 to 2022?

The tax rate for luxury will be $150.267 million. Apron of luxury taxes which is a limit that teams that use specific exemptions to sign players can’t over-ride in any way usually six million more than the tax limit and is expected to $156.983 million in 2022 to 2023.

What is the process for a team to trigger an NBA’s “hard cap?

Three scenarios could result in a team being capped: (1) signing a free agent with the taxpayer mid-level exemption. (2) signing a free agent who has the bi-annual exemption. (3) acquiring a free agent via sign-and-trade.

Is there a way for teams to exceed the luxury tax apron a.k.a. “the hard cap?

Yes, a club is not considered to be hard-capped and is not subject to the apron if it does not sign a player using one of the three methods mentioned above.

Doesn’t that mean you’re saying that “hard cap” isn’t actually an actual hard cap?

The hard cap is only available for certain teams, which means in a way yes. It is worth noting that the Warriors not hard-capped, spent an additional $20 million.  It is more than the tax on luxury in 2021-22.

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House of the Dragon Quiz Answers [100% Score]



House of the Dragon Quiz Answers

Hello brother, I hope you all are well, so today I am at your service with a new article. In today’s article, we are going to talk about House of the Dragon Quiz Answers

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Do you want 100% correct House of the Dragon Answers? If Yes, then you have come to the right place. You can complete your quiz and get the reward with 100% Validity. House of the Dragon Quiz which will hold a total of 25 questions. QuizFactory offers this quiz where players attempt to solve the questions to get their rewards.

Here Is A List Of Answers


Q1: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Viserys Targaryen

Q2: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Otto Hightower

Q3: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Daemon Targaryen

Q4: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Ser Criston Cole

Q5: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Rhaenyra Targaryen

Q6: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Corlys Velaryon

Q7: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Alicent Hightower

Q8: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Craghas Drahar

Q9: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Lord Lyonel Strong

Q10: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Grand Maester Mellos

Q11: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Rhaenys Targaryen

Q12: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Lord Lyman Beesbury

Q13: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Jason Lannister 

Q14: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Tyland Lannister

Q15: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Mysaria

Q16: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Harwin Strong

Q17: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Herrold Westerling

Q18: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Rhaenyra Targaryen

Q19: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Alicent Hightower

Q20: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Laenor Velaryon

Q21: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Hobert Hightower

Q22: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Leana Velaryon

Q23: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Jaehaerys Targaryen

Q24: Who is this character?

  • Correct Answer: Vaemond Velaryon

Q25: Which house of the dragon character is this?

  • Correct Answer: Larys Strong

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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Price & Insights



The Abu Dhabi desert safari cost between 40 – 200 AED for grown-ups. For adolescents, the expense is between 30 AED – 150 AED. There are two boss sorts of Desert Safari. Night and Present second. The expenses and charges change as per the timings as well as the exercises that you pick during an adventurous trip.

A Standard Night sand tour is for 6 hours and incorporates:


  • Pick and drop office from allowed districts
  • Edge smashing in Land Cruiser
  • ATV Quad Traveling
  • Photos with Flying hunter
  • Redesigned Hukkah (Sheesha)
  • Free
  • Short Camel Ride
  • Sandboarding
  • Live Stomach and Tanoura Dance
  • Live Fire Show
  • Glorious bar-b-que supper with water, soda pop, espresso, and tea.
  • Contents

Might you whenever do an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

Which Desert Safari is more Amazing: Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Without a doubt, you can. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi desert safari offers a degree of sand workout, including sand activities and Bedouin camp fun. Numerous affiliations offer Desert Safari visits. As well as bundles for various times and coordinate numerous exercises.


Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer the best fascinating tours. In any case, for experienced dears. The Abu Dhabi desert safari is authorised. According to explorer studies. The possibility of sandboarding and slant trucks is best in UAE’s capital city Dubai.

What is the Best Pricing?

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari merges different exercises too. If you are encountering a Dubai city tour then go for the Dubai desert safari. Or if you’re encountering a UAE capital city tour. Then the Abu Dhabi desert safari.  The expense of an adventurous tour relies on the exercises that you select as well as the timing. Spending plan visits start from 40 AED, Standard Visits 95 AED, and Premium visits start from 200 AED.

What is going on with the rising pounding?

Rise walloping is the sand kind of going mud cutting loose. Huge 4×4 vehicles are utilized on slants that are consistently Fortuner or Toyota Land Cruiser. Edge pounding integrates driving by and large around the slants at different paces. While remaining mindful of brilliant equilibrium.

How distant is Dubai Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

Dubai and Abu Dhabi share a distance of around 140 kilometres.

Where is Abu Dhabi desert located?

Rub al Khali or the Unfilled Quarter, is the world’s most noteworthy sand ocean. It spreads over unambiguous pieces of Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia & UAE. It is covering an immense piece of the south-focal piece of the Arabia Projection.

What is the genuine procedure for riding a camel?

Based on your dress, See that you wear-free and satisfying garments. To protect yourself against the consuming dune power and sand. Pack a few tennis shoes or mentors. Keep a cap or headscarf to cover your head. Try to put on sunscreen and keep a few shades. On the off chance that you are conveying your things. Then keep a backpack with you.

What is the desert in UAE’s capital city called?

The Arabian dunes in UAE’s capital city are called Rub al Khali or The Vacant Quarter. It is the best Arabian sand about the size of France.


UAE’s capital city and Spurn Safari have a distance of 148 km. The street distance is 179.9km. The best strategy for getting to Leave Safari is via a vehicle. That costs between AED 80 – AED 150 and expects something like 6 hours.


Sweihan dunes of Arabia UAE’s capital city are organized 80 kilometres away. From UAE’s capital city on the way to Al Ain to Dubai.

What total does it cost to ride a camel?

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi offers a lot of exercise. Long Camel Ride is one of them. That costs 20-50 AED per grown-up. Each of the packs combines a free short camel ride improvement.

Is Abu Dhabi desert safari wonderful?

These adventurous trips in Abu Dhabi generally require a piece of a day. On the off chance that you have time, it is ideal to try a Night time camping in UAE’s capital. For a basic commitment in beautiful dusk and dawn in the Arabian sand.

Might it at some point be brilliant, all things considered, to do a tour from Dubai or UAE’s Capital city?

Showed up distinctively comparable to Dubai, the UAE’s capital city thrilling trip is costlier. At any rate, UAE’s capital city offers testing trips as it has the best edges on the planet. Dubai is notable and has more social occasions. Concerning UAE’s capital city. It is for sure a mystery spot. if you wish to praise an easy street away from the get-togethers.

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