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What are the Top Examples of Web Apps?



progressive web apps

You might be unsure about how to begin creating a website if you are looking for the best web development software. The idea of creating a website or engaging in any other web development-related activity is intimidating for the majority of us. There is no need to be concerned, though, as we can use technology to produce a completely functional and attractive website using custom web application development company.

It goes without saying that any online business must perform well in order to be successful and profitable. As a result, websites from various industries are using a new standard known as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to enhance their functionality.

The front-end technology, which is supported by Google, seeks to give a high degree of performance regardless of the device or network situation. They accomplish this by adding dependable, quick, and entertaining native-app features to PWAs. While gaining much attention, the notion of PWAs is relatively new to most people.

The easiest approach to fully comprehend how a Progressive Web Apps features differs from traditional responsive webpages is to look at some excellent PWA examples.

Examples of Progressive Web Apps


Starbucks created a PWA of the online ordering system with the goal of giving all of their customers easy-to-use, accessible online ordering. This PWA offers an experience that is comparable to that of their native app. To put it another way, Starbucks PWA’s offline mode functionality enables users to peruse the menu, make changes to their orders, and add products to their carts — all without constant internet access. Once online, consumers can order food and drinks and examine location-specific prices.

The majority of PWA services are available without a network connection, making it ideal for mobile users who may have intermittent connectivity throughout the day or in emerging markets with unstable connections, such as rural areas. Starbucks has already achieved notable achievements by introducing the new ordering PWA. The web app is a favorite among customers since it is 99.84% smaller than Starbucks’ current iOS version. As a result, they increased the daily volume of orders placed on the website, and desktop and mobile users now place orders at almost the same rate.


The objective of this PWA launch was to sign up new users for the free version who would later upgrade to the premium version after experiencing Spotify’s amazing product. They didn’t even need to seek the link because the ability to distribute or embed an interactive playlist generated a lot of attention for the revamped app. Following the implementation, Spotify’s free-to-paid conversion is said to have increased from 26.6% in 2015 to a record-breaking 46% in 2019 before skyrocketing to a staggering 58.4% in 2021.


Lancome cosmetics is another well-known company that effectively incorporated PWA technology. Although the number of mobile users has increased significantly in recent years, Lancome discovered a paradox that their mobile web conversions are quite low when compared to desktop conversions. They then created a mobile app, but it only catered to Lancome’s devoted clients who were willing to download the app and had ongoing buying needs. They ultimately chose to create a Progressive Web Apps PWA, and this is what they came up with: bounce rates dropping by 15%, mobile sessions growing by 50%, conversion rates rising by 17%, etc.


In India, MakeMyTrip is a well-known online travel agency. Prior to the launch of the Progressive Web App, it experienced high bound rates and ongoing, exorbitantly expensive customer acquisition expenditures. MakeMyTrip made the decision to take advantage of PWA as a solution to the problem in order to improve the user experience while using the budget more effectively. The PWA increased the organization’s conversion rates and page load times by bringing the ease of the web and the inherent native mobile experience to users’ mobile browsers. If you need a web app like a MakeMyTrip partner with a custom web application development company in the USA.


As the business entered new areas, Uber online was completely redesigned as a PWA to provide an identical booking experience to the native mobile app. The Uber PWA was created to make car booking practical on 2G networks with limited bandwidth. Riders using low-end devices that might not be compatible with the official Uber app would benefit greatly from the PWA, which was designed around the idea of an app-like experience that is accessible on all contemporary browsers. Uber has made speedy trip requests possible regardless of location, network speed, and device by offering the native experience in a super-lightweight web app. On 2G networks, the basic app may load in about 3 seconds thanks to its 50kB size.


The portal known as Kopa (formerly known as Padpiper) enables landlords to discover qualified tenants for their properties while also making it simple for students to find reputable housing for school terms and internships. In actuality, the site already includes over 100 entries on its PWA and supports over 9000 institutions. To help students locate the perfect fit faster, they have certified landlords and listing reviews. Students can search for directions to work from each listing on the results page after adding the job address. The web application can also help students find others who work nearby or locate their co-op peers.


The website we use the most frequently when looking for original ideas is Pinterest. Its conversion rate (approximately 1%) to signups and downloads of mobile apps, however, is very low. They switched to PWA as a result. With its low bandwidth requirements, push notifications, and offline compatibility, Pinterest PWA offers a quick and data-friendly alternative for users. As a result, Pinterest saw numerous noteworthy developments, including an increase of 45% in user-generated ad revenue, a 50% increase in ad click-through rate, and increased user engagement.


The PWA of Flipkart, the largest Indian e-commerce site, is another amazing example. Flipkart Lite is their PWA, and it has a significant impact on increasing conversions (70% increase), re-engaging customers, and increasing time spent on the website. It’s also important to keep in mind that PWA’s fast-loading page feature and offline functionality are priceless given that the majority of mobile consumers in India visit the site via a 2G network. The Flipkart poll indicates that this contemporary technology accounts for more than half of their visits. Additionally, their fantastic PWA has a far greater engagement rate than other sources (mobile web and native app).


There are other PWA examples for different companies and industries that have had odd effects. It uses progressive enhancement ideals to work well for all users, regardless of the browser they choose. All of the top web applications described above demonstrate how PWAs could be a terrific option for enhancing your company’s online visibility by providing specialized web solutions with an app-like user experience, quick loading, minimal data usage, and no downloads. If you need more information about PWA’s you can take help from custom web application development companies. 

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Top 5 Benefits of Guidewire Cloud Platform




How does technology addiction affect the brain

Guidewire InsuranceSuite on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In this fast-paced competitive marketplace, technology can often be the difference between a successful and failed business. Hence, enterprises across industries are racing to adopt evolving technologies and cloud platforms to gain a competitive edge. One such highly popular cloud platform is Guidewire. 

Guidewire is a powerful tool that enables organizations to streamline business operations while staying on pay with the latest trends. Here are top five benefits of this highly advanced platform. 


  1. Drive cost savings 
  2. When you go from on-premises to cloud-based software, you avoid the costs of keeping servers in your office, which may soon pile up. 

    Significantly, you also get access to additional resources at the same time. One server may be dedicated to accounting in an on-premises system, another to marketing and sales, and so on. However, because your data is saved in one location using Guidewire Cloud, you don’t need as many servers to manage various departments simultaneously.  

    The cloud allows you to use your existing hardware and software, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware or software. Furthermore, you can scale up as needed without adding extra servers or storage space. It can save your company significant time and money in the long run.  

    Guidewire Cloud also makes it easier for non-technical users, such as accountants, to access the required information. Accountants who would have had to go through an IT staff to establish access before migrating to Guidewire Cloud, can now log in directly and accomplish goals much more quickly.  

    However, you might need to opt for guidewire cloud platform services to handle the entire migration process seamlessly. Doing so allows you to maximize productivity, efficiency, and performance, resulting in cost savings and an increase in your business’s bottom line.


    1. Innovate faster and speed up workflows 
    2. One of the primary differentiators between organizations leading the sector and those lagging has been speed to market. Guidewire enables you to embrace the future and begin utilizing technologies that will assist you in growing your organization today. You get access to the tools you need right away with Guidewire Cloud without waiting for them to be developed independently and without paying more.  

      These tools enable you to deploy goods more quickly, housed on a native cloud platform that includes integrated digital experiences and embedded analytics. This helps you to define new products with comprehensive insights into emerging risks, giving you the confidence to build profitable new policies. 

      Moreover, Guidewire’s cutting-edge cloud platform technologies also allow you to accelerate repetitive workflows in your organization. When automation is the default, leveraging automation tools can simplify claims handling. You can reserve claim adjusters for only the most complex instances that necessitate human empathy and judgment. You may also improve enterprise efficiency and productivity by optimizing your procedures.  

      Besides, there is no need for pricey gear and software on-site with Guidewire Cloud. The platform enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for an IT department and associated costs. You can concentrate on high-priority goals and business objectives that will ultimately mean the most to your company. 


      1. Leverage the Guidewire ecosystem 
      2. Guidewire Cloud is a comprehensive solution for your organization, eliminating the need for different software solutions that do not always operate well together or interface with existing applications. Because Guidewire allows you to harness the entire ecosystem, you can locate everything you need in one spot. There is no need for an in-house IT crew to manage your systems because you can access data from anywhere using any device.  

        The Guidewire ecosystem enables you to be adaptable and sensitive to changing conditions. Furthermore, your data is stored in many secure places and is routinely backed up, protecting against natural disasters such as fires or floods and artificial risks such as hacking attempts or staff negligence.  

        While Guidewire Cloud provides the majority of what you need to run your business, the Guidewire ecosystem also includes an integration framework that you can use to simplify third-party application integration and maintenance. The Guidewire marketplace simplifies the discovery and usage of pre-validated integrations, allowing you to use what you need without waiting for upgrades.

        1. Accelerate business objectives 


        Whether your firm is focused on digitization, product innovation, new ways to leverage real-time data, or simply streamlining IT, AWS could help you achieve your goals faster. A Guidewire Cloud subscription grants you access to a private cloud within Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

        Leveraging AWS to achieve organizational goals will give your company more flexibility as it extends its operations. The two services collaborate to provide the best cloud reliability, performance, and security. Significantly, customers can benefit from fast deployment and cost savings by combining AWS’s flexible architecture with Guidewire’s industry-leading CSPs and solutions.

        1. Achieve versatility for all services and products 
        2. The inherent flexibility of Guidewire is one of its most alluring features. It can support both your consumer portfolio and your large-scale corporations. Because developers initially developed this platform for enterprises, it is ideal for running commercial applications. Furthermore, clients can utilize Guidewire for third-party services, requiring no investment, and it provides tremendous flexibility in terms of usage model selections.



          Cloud adoption is critical for businesses because it allows them to concentrate on their core capabilities rather than managing the technology that powers their operations. Additionally, the cloud enables organizations to swiftly and effectively scale up or down their operations without purchasing and maintaining servers or other infrastructure. Employees can also work remotely much more readily on the cloud than in traditional setups, increasing productivity. 

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Download XAPK Installer




Download XAPK Installer

Download XAPK installer files are standard ZIP files that contain both the APK and OBB data. They are also useful for spreading malware, as they are easy to install. Regardless of their usefulness, there is a major drawback. Although XAPK files are not malicious in nature, they can be used to spread malware and other threats. To download XAPK, tap here. 

Download XAPK Installer files are a standard ZIP file

An XAPK file is a large Android application file. The file’s filename can include a number of extensions, including.apk and.obb. It is usually compressed using a standard ZIP file format and can be extracted to a disc using standard compression software. It is also possible to separate an XAPK file into two separate OBB files if needed.

XAPK files have several advantages over the traditional APK file format. For one, they’re smaller and faster to install. Also, they’re easier to move from device to device. If you have multiple Android devices, you can copy an XAPK file onto each device. Alternatively, you can upload it to Google Drive or your phone’s storage.

It’s important to remember that sideloading Android apps are common. It allows you to install apps that are not available in your country or region. Although you can install apps that aren’t available in your region, it’s best to use a third-party app to sideload them.

Download XAPK Installer

Enable the Android permission

After downloading an XAPK file, you’ll need to enable the permissions on your Android device so that the app can run. In addition, you’ll also need root access on your device to install XAPK files. However, you’re free to install XAPK files on your device if you want to install an application that’s not available in your Android device’s app store.

XAPK files are a common way for Android developers to distribute their apps to the masses. XAPK files can be downloaded from third-party sources, such as APKPure. Just remember to check the source and ratings before downloading XAPK files.

Once you’ve downloaded an XAPK file, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully. In some cases, XAPK files can contain malicious applications, so you should be careful when installing them. In these cases, you may even get malware on your phone.

XAPK files are standard APK files combined with the OBB file and other files needed to run an app. If your app is large, it may be difficult to install using Google Play. If it is too large, you can download it from other sources. However, the combined installation package may be very large, and it can become corrupt.

They contain both the APK file and the OBB data.

The XAPK Installer is a powerful Android tool that is designed to handle the XAPK file format. It is lightweight and compact and allows you to install and uninstall large applications quickly and efficiently. It works by scanning the SD card for the app, extracting the OBB data, and storing it in the desired location. The XAPK file is then installed after the OBB data. After installation, it is easy to remove the XAPK file, making it easier to delete the app.

XAPK Installer downloads contain the APK file and the OBB data. Android users rarely see the APK file installed in the background. The APK file is typically only a few MBs in size. On the other hand, Android app bundles are collections of many APK files. These bundles are not normally available for download and require the use of an app installer to install them.

XAPK files are safer than large APK files because they are much smaller in size. They are also more secure since big files can expose your smartphone to more malware and other harmful programs. Moreover, XAPK files are compatible with emulators so you can install them on your device without a problem. However, if you’re concerned about security, it’s best to download from a trusted source and use an antivirus app to scan the downloaded XAPK file.

Installing  XAPK Installer

Installing apps on Android is similar to installing apps on iOS. After downloading the APK files, you can either manually install them on your device or install them with XAPK Installer. Both these files contain the OBB data. To install an app, you must select the folder from which the app is stored. After you’ve done that, the app icon will appear in your App Drawer. You’ll also need a USB cable to connect the phone to your computer.

XAPK Installer downloads contain the APK file and OBB data, which are used to install apps on Android. While the APK file is the standard file format for apps on Android, XAPK files have extra assets and are not officially recognized by Google. Therefore, it’s best to use an APK installer to install XAPK files on Android devices.

They can be used to distribute malware.

XAPK files are files that allow developers to distribute large files in a compressed format. Typically, these files are legitimate Android packages, but some XAPK files can be used to distribute malware. This is why it is important not to install XAPK files unless you know the source. It is also important to check permissions before installing XAPK files.

Malware developers often use XAPK files to distribute their malware attacks. These malicious applications can take over the Android system and replace legitimate applications with malicious ones. These malware attacks can be detected by using reputable application review sites and reverse engineering. Reverse engineering identifies malicious Android applications by identifying the application name, package name, and permissions.

XAPK files are typically compiled using the standard ZIP file format. These files can be extracted using standard compression software. Once extracted, they contain the following files inside a folder. In addition, XAPK files can be converted to PDF or JPG files for easier distribution.

Conclusion | Download XAPK Installer

Android users can manually install XAPK files from the Google Play Store without having to install third-party apps. XAPK files run the same way as apps downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you have any difficulty installing an XAPK file, make sure you check permissions. If necessary, you can also turn off permissions once the file has been installed. This will prevent malicious applications from affecting your device.


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How does technology addiction affect the brain?



How does technology addiction affect the brain

The world’s relationship with technology is in a state of constant flux. We’re always talking about how much more connected we are now than ever before, and yet many people are concerned that they may be spending too much time on their phones or computers. While there’s nothing wrong with spending some time each day on the Internet, if you feel like your use of technology is having negative effects on your mental health or overall happiness then it’s worth taking steps to change your habits.

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Technology addiction is real and it’s not going away.

Technology addiction is real and it’s not going away. In fact, technology addiction is getting worse. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

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It affects many people in many different ways, but most importantly it affects the brain in a very specific way – by changing its structure and function over time.

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While some people may be able to control their use of technology without any problems, others will find themselves unable to stop using it even if they want to do so – this is what we call “addiction”.

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Technology addiction affects the brain in many of the same ways other addictions do.

The reality is technology addiction is a real thing, and it affects the brain in many of the same ways other addictions do. You might have heard about people becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs and even gambling—but there’s also a growing body of research on how technology can be addictive too.

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The research isn’t all that new either—we’ve known for years now that video games can be addictive, but many people don’t stop there when it comes to their use of technology. We’re talking about smartphone usage, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook (and yes—even email). What many people don’t realize is that these things are affecting our brains in some pretty significant ways! For example:

  • The act of checking your phone every 10 minutes or so during meetings at work may seem harmless enough… until you consider how much time this habit is taking away from your productivity each day! It might not seem like much at first glance but over time these little moments add up into big losses like missed deadlines or lost opportunities for promotion within an organization where time management skills are extremely important factors when determining who gets promoted next year (or even next month). The bottom line here is simple: If something doesn’t get done by its deadline then chances are someone else will have gotten promoted instead–and if the reason why doesn’t matter anymore then neither does anything else really matter except getting ahead anyway possible within said organization regardless if morally correct methods were used throughout all stages along way….

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Constant stimulation through technology can create a sense of anxiety in users when they are unable to get their “fix.”

The high that comes from constant stimulation through technology can create a sense of anxiety in users when they are unable to get their “fix.” This is because the brain has been conditioned to expect this level of stimulation, and therefore any deviation from it will cause an uncomfortable feeling. In addition, there have been studies showing that those who experience depression or anxiety may turn to technology as a coping mechanism. When someone with those conditions spends too much time on their devices, they are essentially feeding into their own mental health issues instead of working on them directly—and this can lead to more severe symptoms later on down the line.

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Finally, all this constant use changes how we think and feel about ourselves as well as our relationships with others around us. For example, people who use social media sites like Facebook tend to compare themselves with others’ lives rather than focusing on their own positive attributes; this kind of comparison often leads them down dark paths where self-esteem issues arise due not just from comparing themselves but also from viewing negative posts online (like bullying messages). As another example: if your spouse works outside the home while you stay at home taking care of kids during the day (a common scenario for many mothers), having access via phone or tablet could mean always checking work emails which might make you feel less important even though your job may actually be very important indeed.

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Chronic technology use is linked to depression, especially among adolescents.

Depression is a serious mental health condition. It can lead to feelings of sadness and hopelessness, decreased energy and motivation, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, as well as experiencing low self-esteem or thoughts of suicide.

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Depression affects approximately 1 in 4 people during their lifetime. Depression is most common among adolescents aged 13 to 18 years old.

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Research shows that teenagers who spend more time on social media are more likely to experience depression. This effect is stronger among girls than boys when it comes to social media use. Teenagers who use Facebook often tend to be less happy than those who don’t use it very often; this could be due to the pressure they feel from seeing how others are living their lives online (and possibly feeling inadequate).

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Technology addiction may cause some users to experience mental health symptoms they wouldn’t experience otherwise.

Technology addiction is real, and it’s not going anywhere. Technology can be addictive in the same ways that other substances are addictive: they create a high, an emotional dependency, and a desire to chase that feeling again. When you first start using technology, your brain releases dopamine—a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward—in response to new stimuli. When this happens repeatedly over time, the brain starts to adapt so that it gets less of a kick from said stimuli and craves more stimulation in order to feel satisfied. This can lead you down a path where you spend increasing amounts of time on your phone or computer just so you can experience something pleasurable for 20 minutes before returning home after work and needing another hit from whatever device is handy at hand.

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This isn’t good news for all users; as studies show us time after time again, regular technology usage increases anxiety levels among certain groups.

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Overuse of technology can result in unhealthy changes to mood, memory and cognition.

Overuse of technology can result in unhealthy changes to mood, memory and cognition. When you spend too much time on your phone, for example, your brain’s reward systems are activated and that can cause a feeling of euphoria. Over time, this can lead to addiction — meaning that you need to keep checking your phone even if it’s causing problems for you or other people.

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Technology addiction is associated with anxiety and depression symptoms as well as social isolation. It has also been shown to have an impact on academic performance in school-age children who spend more than four hours per day using electronic devices such as tablets computers or smartphones by negatively affecting their sleep patterns and causing them difficulty concentrating.

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If you’re addicted to technology, don’t worry – there is help out there!

If you’re addicted to technology, don’t worry – there is help out there! There are a variety of recovery options available, including support groups, therapists and rehabs. There are also online resources that can help you overcome a tech addiction. Friends and family members can provide emotional support as well.

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Technology addiction treatment programs can be found across the country in both residential and outpatient settings. These programs provide a safe environment where individuals can work on recovering from their addiction while getting support from others who share similar issues or experiences.

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Technology addiction is a real problem in today’s world, but there are ways you can fight back against it. The most important thing to remember is that we all need some time to unplug and recharge. When you feel like your phone or computer is taking over your life, try putting it down for a while and doing something else instead!

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