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Types Of Customized Boxes In The Packaging Industry



customized boxes

Companies want their merchandise to stand out, and they want people to be able to identify them as unique. To make this happen, a new era of customized boxes has taken this matter into its hands. As a result, the custom box industry has grown tremendously in the past few years. And with that growth comes a whole host of new challenges for businesses. One of the difficulties is finding the right boxes for their needs. In addition, if your business sells various products, you may have difficulty finding boxes that fit all your needs without sacrificing quality or cost-effectiveness.

Customized Boxes – On the Rise 

With the advancement and modernization, numerous varieties of custom boxes have come up to the surface, and many others are still going through testing. They’re easily modified in various approaches to make them distinctive for various products.  Many companies wonder what packaging best fits their brand’s norms and values. That’s why we’ve created a list of top forms of boxes that are making waves in the packaging industry. This list will help businesses find the right box for their specific needs.

Top 10 Types of Customized Boxes – Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a great way to pack and ship products. Such types of custom packaging boxes are perfectly strong and durable. But they don’t have to be expensive. These may be the solution you need for a cheap alternative to traditional containers. 

About 95% of North American users utilize these packs. Corrugated materials are usually made from recycled paper pulp or cardboard, meaning you would have otherwise thrown old newspapers and magazines away. This makes them very environmentally friendly and affordable. Also, these come in many different sizes and shapes. Some even come with handles so you can lift them more easily during shipping or storage.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard containers are a great way to store and organize products. They are easy to assemble and lightweight, and you can recycle them after use. Plus, these come in various sizes and shapes to fit the needs of their users. There are different paperboard boxes: rectangular, square, and round. Depending on the manufacturer’s preference, these can be either made from recycled material or virgin pulp.  Some companies use paper because it is more eco-friendly than virgin pulp, but both options have benefits. 

Paper Bags

Paper packs are everywhere and not going anywhere. These customized boxes for business are a great way to help your brand stand out. They are economical and can be easily customized with your logo or ideas. Also, these have a wide range of uses; you can find them at many locations, such as grocery stores, home improvement stores, pharmacies, and more. 

Rigid Boxes

Many luxury brands utilize this form of brand packaging. The rigid box is a packaging style ideal for protecting the product from damage. This packaging comes from strong materials and is almost four times thicker than the normal box. In addition, the rigid box has an outer layer of material that provides rigidity to the box and protects the contents from damage during shipping. Due to their properties, they can be more expensive than other types, but they do their work in the best way. These are pitch-perfect customized boxes for shipping. 

Poly Bags

Polybags are thin, flexible plastic fabrics that come from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These are typically in use to transport products. For example, you can get them in grocery stores as a pre-packaging process. They protect products during shipping and transportation. Plus, poly bags also provide a barrier against moisture and contaminants, making them ideal for use in areas subject to extreme weather conditions. Whenever your goods are available in various sizes, a poly bag may be a perfect box to hold them properly.

Foiled-Seal Bags

Whether you need a one-time-use package or a multi-use container with a long shelf life, foil-sealed bags have your back. These bags, made of plastic material, are resistant to heat and moisture. In addition, these customized boxes with logos help keep moisture out while allowing air back in. This helps keep your food fresh longer than other storage methods. 

Moreover, these bags are often used to store dry goods such as rice, flour, sugar, etc. They are also good for keeping coffee, cheese, and meats fresh. Also, bags are certainly not an inexpensive package choice. But they are exceptional.

Jute Boxes

Jute packaging, which is often described as burlap, is commonly used by sustainable manufacturers since it is entirely biodegradable and reusable. It comes from tropical grass leaves that grow in South Asia and Africa. They’re developed from long and thin fibers, making them perfect for packaging products that need to be tightly wrapped or stored in small spaces. It’s now commonly used to package farm goods like coffee bags and items for personal care like handcrafted soaps. 

Furthermore, it’s lightweight, strong, and absorbent, an excellent choice for eco-friendly packaging materials. 

Shoulder Boxes 

Shoulder boxes stick out from the crowd if you’re looking for a superb custom packaging form. Their customized boxes for gifts are an excellent choice when you need to package products in a way that is aesthetically appealing and functional. If you want your customers to know which products are in the box, then shoulder boxes are the way to go. The open top allows customers to see their contents without opening up the whole case. Plus, it’s easy to reseal after use so that You can easily use it again and again. 

Kraft Boxes 

You’ve probably heard the term “green box” thrown around lately. But why should you care? Because it’s a pretty big deal when it comes to packaging goods. And among the many packaging goods, Kraft Boxes is thought to be the most user-friendly and environmentally beneficial of all packaging goods. This is because they’re made solely from recycled materials, reducing the amount of waste in landfills and oceans. 

Furthermore, these are ideal for various purposes, including shipping, storing food, and protecting fragile items such as glassware or ceramics. 

Foldable Boxes 

Folding boxes are one of the most common types of packaging, and these use a variety of materials. They are flexible and folded up easily into a box so they can be mailed or stored without damage. A typical folding box may have a handle at the top, which makes it easy to carry them. 

Another reason foldable boxes are so popular is that they are usually cheap. Therefore, one can buy the bulk of these most inexpensively. This makes them a great option if you need lots of them simultaneously because they won’t cost too much overall. 


The usage of customized boxes is widespread throughout the retail sector since they aid in the firm’s business expansion. There are indeed wide varieties of customized packaging boxes that surely spin your head! But worry not, as each has a specification that doesn’t imply the other box. This feature helps decide what’s best for your brand’s growth and development. So don’t waste time and grab the best-suited custom box that reflects your cores and values as well as aids in enhancing the image of your company along the way.




Make a Statement with Your Modern Office Furniture




The development and performance of an office depend on its furniture. Although office managers didn’t fully grasp this concept, it has become more apparent over time. Office owners often look for furniture and other items to create the office they envision. Make sure your office is modernized when you remodel it. Your office’s layout can significantly impact employees’ productivity, work style, and ability to attract customers. Desks are the most important piece of Conference Table. Make sure you choose the right type when shopping for office furniture.

Desks make it easier to work efficiently. They can be found in our homes, classrooms, and offices. Desks for offices should have unique features designed to fit the purpose of the desk. People want their office to be unique and stand out from others. When decorating your office, choose items that reflect your personality and style. You will find office desks in every office. They can be used for storing documents, files, office gadgets, and accessories. How can you make your office stand out if you don’t consider unique features?

You need to ensure that your desk is not only functional but creative. Many styles are available, but antique desks are the most popular. These desks are designed to be elegant and stylish in an office setting. Antique desks are perfect for those who love antique furniture and office furniture. This desk will give your office a stylish and elegant appearance that will attract clients and visitors. These antique desks are usually made of wood and are therefore heavy. They also have a minimal look that can help make your office seem professional.

The majority of offices have modern, stylish furniture. An antique desk will be a great addition to any office. These desks are stunning and will increase the office’s value. However, it is important to consider a few things before purchasing these desks. The size is one of these aspects. These desks can take up a lot of space, so they are best suited for large offices. Another aspect is the overall appearance of the workplace.

It is best to use antique desks in an antique setting only if you can decorate the office. The way the office is set up can have a direct impact on how employees do their jobs. Make sure you have a budget in place and stick to it. You don’t need to spend a lot on furniture for your office. This means that you should avoid buying Executive Table for furnishing your office. Instead, you can choose inexpensive, affordable products that won’t break the bank. You don’t want to spend too much on furniture you won’t use in your office.

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What are the most important for gym management software




Being an owner of the gym, you have to face many challenges to ensure the success of the gym. Because of the latest advancements, the fitness industry has a lot of competition. Thus, to retain a thriving place in this competitive era, you have to be aware of the important things that ensure the success of the gym. Furthermore, keep your studio updated with the recent trends in the market. Out of these recent trends, updating your gym management software is the most important one.

Market analysis is a very important factor in understanding the competition and opt practices that can take you to the same level as the competition. According to the reports, the market size of the gym, fitness, and health sector is 32.0 billion US dollars. More than 62.6 billion gym members used to go to the gyms every year. This blog will mainly guide you about some important things to compete in the saturated market of the gym.

What practices are helpful to keep your gym management software updated

  1. Understanding consumer data through data
  2. Consistent marketing strategy
  3. Hire the right staff
  4. Adaptable behavior
  5. Know the industry all and out

Know the industry all and out

Now with the rapid advancement in technology, every industry is subject to quick changes. Thus, keeping yourself updated with the all and out of the market will help you take steps to ensure the growth and progress of your gym. You can get knowledge about the recent trends in the market and change your gym strategy accordingly.

You may have market insights and prevent the practices from leading you towards the downfall of the gym. Sometimes market analysis helps you detect the wrong practices. Moreover, you can check out your gym statistics to analyze what strategies are working and what are not working.

Hence, knowing the ins and outs of the market are very important to change your gym strategy according to the market trends.

Understanding consumer data through data

While running a gym, data analysis is very important. Thus, ensure you follow this practice every month to keep taking the required step for the gym’s success. Data will always give you insights into weak areas where improvement is needed. Moreover, using data analysis, try to manage your finances.

Furthermore, for better finance management, make sure your software is offering an integrated solution and preparing financial reports. This feature is essential to managing your gym expenses smartly. Moreover, it keeps a record of financial reports.

Thus, understand consumer data, including financial reports and member’s details to ensure better service provision to your gym members. When you ensure better service provision, there are better chances of standing on the competitor’s list. Wellyx gives you insights into users’ data to take better decisions.


Hire the right staff

Running a successful gym is not a one-person army. It would be best if you had smart and experienced staff to run the operation of the gym. The market has a massive influx of fitness experts, but nowadays, globally certified fitness consultants are considered the more authentic source. They get more importance compared to local fitness experts. Why because their exposure is vast, and they are well aware of the global fitness standards and the latest developments in the fitness industry.

This factor is very important to keep the pace of growth for your gym. An experienced and globally certified fitness staff can double your revenue by introducing the latest fitness techniques in your gym and gym scheduling software.

Consistent marketing strategy

Marketing or branding your product is the most important part of uplifting your brand name. It helps you reach out your gym to a large group of relevant audiences. Moreover, you would make a string of lead generation.

Consistent focus on marketing strategy is very beneficial to increasing the growth of your gym. Take market dynamics and update your marketing strategy accordingly. Furthermore, try to run paid campaigns with free giveaways or free trials. This marketing practice will give a sudden rise of visitors then it’s dependent on your staff to convert the visitors into permanent members.

Adaptable behavior

Having adaptable behavior is a must thing in order to become a successful businessman. At various points, a business owner has to be flexible to maintain the flow of success. If he is rigid, the business’s success will have to experience adverse impacts. Thus, adaptability is very important to stay active in the current fitness market affairs and ensure the latest practices in your gym business. Because every gym is subject to change with advancement.

Hence, adaptability in the gym owners’ behavior will unlock many doors of success for your gym. You will prefer learning from the top fitness geeks and believe in implementing your experience in your gym.

Final talk

To conclude, a change of strategy is important based on the current market trends. It is crucial to maximize the pace of progress for your gym. Hence keep your gym management software updated with the current practices and advancements.

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It’s Time For Inflation Hedges: Consider Gold, Mining Stocks And Farmland




According to Max Warren Barber, CEO Sion Gold Trading UAE Tailings, or the material remaining after a valuable component has been separated from the gangue, have long plagued the mining industry with management costs, liability risks, and disposal challenges.

Due to their toxicity, tailings pose a number of risks if not properly managed. Furthermore, the mass quantities in which they are produced puts additional pressure on managing such waste.

Although historically tailings have been considered a waste, decreasing ore grades, improved technologies, and a growing focus around sustainability are causing some companies to consider tapping into the potential value tailings contain, or at least alleviating some of the challenges they present.


In order to extract the valuable component, be it gold, copper, uranium, or otherwise, mined ore undergoes several processing steps, often involving additives and/or chemicals. While this allows the target component to be separated out, it causes the gangue to be contaminated. Gangue material is often also contaminated as a result of reacting with oxygen upon removal from the ground, causing other undesirable materials to form.

As such, tailings composition differs based on the target material and the method of processing. However, despite this diversity, most tailings present similar environmental risks as a result of their toxicity…

The failure of tailings ponds, one of the most common tailings storage facility (TSF) types, is well documented and has the potential to cause catastrophic and irreparable damage to the surrounding area and ecosystems.

Tailings deposited into dams are in the form of a slurry. In 1998, a tailings dam failed at the Los Frailes zinc mine in Spain, causing more than one billion gallons of acidic, heavy metal-laden sludge to spill into the surrounding area, eventually making its way into the Guadiamar River. The spill decimated the area, resulting in massive wildlife die-offs, water and soil contamination, and other consequences that would take years to bring back to equilibrium.

In 2014, a tailings dam at the Mount Polley copper and gold mine in British Columbia failed as a result of an unstable foundation, sending 24 million cubic metres of slurry into the surrounding waterways.  A year later, the Samarco mine’s tailings dam failed as a result of seismic activity combined with structural defects and other issues. The flood of toxic sludge was devastating.  

The failure of tailings dams is not unusual; experts estimate that a tailings dam failure occurs roughly every eight months.

Even a well-managed tailings facility can pose risks in the way of contaminated dust (in the case of dry tailings), radioactivity, leaching, and acid rock drainage. For these reasons, tailings disposal and management has become an increasing concern in the ongoing quest for a more sustainable future, pushing miners to look for better alternatives. 


In addition to the risks that tailings can pose, a number of other factors such as easily accessible material, reduced risk, and more, are pushing the demand for improved management and reuse/reclamation of tailings.


Tailings have long been considered a waste, but they still contain a small amount of the targeted materials. Inferior extraction techniques, combined with plenty of available high ore grade resources have historically made processing lower grade ores and tailings uneconomical and a low priority.

However, as high ore grades become extinct and technology around extraction improves, tailings are becoming an increasingly attractive resource.

Sibanye-Stillwater has drawn global attention for their West Rand Tailings Retreatment Project (WRTRP) in South Africa. Through a combination of tailings storage facilities, the company estimates there to be 6.2 Moz of gold and 97.2 Mlb of uranium. VP of the project, Grant Stuart, commented to Mining Weekly:

“There is significant potential for a vibrant tailings retreatment industry, given the vast quantities of tailings scattered across the ‘Golden Arc’, stretching from Johannesburg to Welkom.”

Sion Gold Trading UAE Resources is also working on a gold tailings retreatment project in South Africa. The project intends to retreat old tailings at a rate of one million tonnes per month and aims to recover about 688,000 ounces of gold from the combined tailings deposits over the life of the project.

Metals X Limited also recently announced that the updated Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for their Renison Tailings Retreatment Project estimates it to be a lucrative endeavour with high margins. The company projects that they will be able to recover around 5,400 tonnes of tin and 2,200 tonnes of copper annually.

Tailings Retreatment through Heap Leaching

The retreatment of tailings varies depending on the source of tailings and the material(s) to be recovered.

The heap leaching and SX-EW processes have been key advancements in the ability to treat tailings; heap leaching, in which ore is agglomerated and stacked on a heap and then irrigated with a leachate, is ideal for low-grade ores. Heap leaching offers a number of attractive benefits, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower capital costs
  • Simple design and operation

Combined with advancements in the solvent extraction – electrowinning (SX-EW, or L-SX-EW) process, the two processes allow for a highly effective, cost efficient extraction and separation of the target material from low-grade ores.


While most work has focused around the recovery of valuable components from tailings, there is also some interest in their reuse for applications outside of the mining industry.

Primarily, tailings are being investigated for use in construction materials such as concrete, mortar, and the like. Such applications would not only relieve the burden of managing massive amounts of tailings, but would also reduce the need to mine natural aggregates, which requires substantial energy.


The tailings retreatment industry looks to potentially hold significant value for the mining industry. In addition to relieving them of the burden of managing massive amounts of waste, the retreatment of tailings would also reduce risks to the environment and promote a more sustainable industry overall. The heap leaching and SX-EW processes combined look to be especially promising for tailings retreatment projects.

FEECO provides robust agglomeration drums and material handling equipment for use in the heap leaching process; some of the world’s largest and most environmentally advanced mines rely on FEECO for our heavy-duty agglomeration drums. For more information on our capabilities within the mining industry, contact us today!


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